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Smash U



With only 24 years old and owner of a unique, original and timeless sound, CAZTILLA is the project created by the Brazilian DJ and Producer Pedro Castilla. He was pointed in column by the renowned Brazilian site Café Del Marco as a promise in the Brazilian conceptual electronic scene, has track released by the record label Klubinho Records and „wechselstrommusic“, Podcast by the respected label Prisma Techno, and is the only underground DJ / Producer to play at Virada Cultural de Vitória 2018. With a mix of Progressive House, Tech House and Melodic Techno, CAZTILLA tells a story in every Set making each performance electrifying abusing striking leads and engaging bass, ensuring their identity and remembrance in the memory of the audience. 

Dancing Alone

Globally Local Music Factory feat. Ellie Beth


The music composition of «Dancing Alone» started in a special place and, seemingly, in a completely different world: in the Caribbean, on the small islands of Anguilla and Sint Maarten, where and when corona was just a little news flash on the China pages of only a very few international newspapers.

The Caribbean sun, the warm atmosphere, the smell of the tropics and of the Caribbean Sea, the taste of the food; all this made everything feel easy, beautiful and relaxed. All these nice impressions flowed into the track and inspired to produce these positive, light and chilling tunes as well as the underlying groovy bass and beats.

By listening to the lyrics of «Dancing Alone» you realize how much the world has changed ever since.

Obviously, the lyrics are influenced by the pandemic. The talented Norwegian singer Ellie Beth with her smooth voice – who co-wrote the lyrics – sang her vocals during lockdown in her country.

Miquel Tanda from Globally Local Music also wrote his part of the lyrics in lockdown in his country. No wonder do they – at least partly – reflect the situation in which the whole world has been for weeks and months, and in many places still is.

Maybe «Dancing Alone» can bring a bit of joy to the world that is only slowly recovering from the pandemic and getting back to normal in very little steps.

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic


ALIVE can drive the crowd insane with their unique sounds and live performances! Not only is ALIVE to be listen but also to be seen touring the clubs around Europe! By adding a Moog Synthesizer and keyboards, their live shows are extremely energetic and exciting! Recognized by top national and international radios as “ RISING ELECTRONIC ARTIST “ – ALIVE is focused 100% in music production. Closed in studio, ALIVE created “Lost Control”. Very melodic track, improved with synthesizer sounds promoting the powerful progressive vibes melody and progressive is everything that defines the track, from a sunset party to club shaker track “Lost Control” is here to play and ALIVE is ready to increase his mark over the music industry.

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic


The biomolecule DNA in the chromosomes is the carrier of our genetic information in all living things. The DNA contains basic information for the development of properties of an individual. This information differs from person to person and differs in their respective forms. The musical properties also differ from DNA to DNA. Some people tend to slower music, some to faster. Some people like it hard and some melodic. Bloom’s Krys, on the other hand, leads a musical life between 120 and 127 bpm. He could never really fall in love with a musical style. Various types of electronic music are stored in his genes. On this album his eclectic, musical DNA is clearly recognizable and presented to the listener. Sometimes groovy, sometimes melodic. Sometimes happier, sometimes melancholy. Sometimes the focus is more on the percussion, sometimes more on the melodic elements and sometimes on the vocals. On this album Krys from Bloom tries to combine classic sounds with electronic elements. It contains a total of 8 different tracks that couldn’t be more different. On the one hand, it contains tracks like “Hochton”, “Qompass” and “You & I”, which let you float into other spheres. On the other hand, it contains groovy tracks like “Sunday Morning” or “Hanswurst”, which swing your hips and make you feel the groove. It also contains tracks like “Ode to Sadness” and “Aura” that live off their orchestral elements. Last but not least, there is the track “Losing Myself” on the record, which shines especially with its vocals. Let Krys from Bloom take you on a journey through his musical DNA.

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic

Big Shiny Heart

Globally Local Music Factory feat. Shannon Maree


Heart failure, heart attack, having a heavy or broken heart – in particular people confronted with such tragic blows realize the importance of our heart for our wellbeing, and how vital our heart is to our life. To be healthy, and to be able to love, a heart needs to stay big and shiny. It needs lots of love to get into that state. But there is a way to get there: The first and most important step is amour-propre or self-love. Love yourself! That is the story of this track that Globally Local Music developed, composed and produced with the support of the excellent, first-rate singer and poetess Shannon Maree. It is the second time Swiss-born and Africa-rooted Globally Local Music teams up with New Zealand-born Shannon, a resident of Portugal. Mixing and mastering of the track were made by Belarus-born Romano Erafficci, a resident of Poland. A truly global collaboration. Love yourself and the rest will follow!

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic

Fear of the Unknown



On his relentless debut, Fear of the Unknown, 23-year-old producer Agency666 proves capable of skillfully folding eclectic influences into a coherent aesthetic, creating a mysterious and captivating story. While the producer’s dark, sinister, and immediately identifiable sonic signature is present throughout the 7-track EP, the diversity of influences that have been instilled into the record demonstrates an exceptional versatility, making the record uniquely charming and truly avant-garde. Powerfully evocative and refreshingly original, Fear of the Unknown will leave you excited for what’s to come from the Chicago-via-Istanbul based producer. 

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic




Remixes by:
Robert Random  I  David Color  I  Nathan Wolve

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic




After his label debut with a remix of So Orange’s Electro House banger “Flam Bang Money Scam“, finally startech42’s first original is released on wechselstrommusic. In “Moments” the Berlin-based house music composer builds memorable synth melodies on a minimalistic but yet effective drum groove. All the carefully chosen elements are glued together by a warm and rather subtle bassline, which most of the time complements the track’s flow, just to allow itself to break out every now and then. A simple receipt, which unfolds its full potential with every time listening a little bit more. Enriched with unique remixes by the up-and-coming fellow producers Nathan Wolve from Koblenz, So Orange from Reykjavík as well as wechselstrommusic’s soul and label head Sascha Weberknecht, this EP is definitely a secret weapon for every track collection. It’s just made to accompany magic moments with a magic audience.

Remixes by:
Sascha Weberknecht  /  So Orange  /  Nathan Wolve

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic

You & I

Krys von Bloom


“You & I” is the second single of the upcoming album “DNA” by German producer Krys von Bloom. All in all it could best be described as a Progressive Deep House track. Compared to the first single “Aura” this release goes into a completely different direction and showcases the different sounds that Krys von Bloom stands for. May ist be orchestral House music like “Aura” or more progressive sounds – you never know what you can expect from him. The idea during the production process was to create an uplifting track with a pulsating bassline and a punchy kick that is still melodic and transforms your mind into a state of hypnosis. In this production you can find lush pads that make you feel trancy. In addition to that it includeds catchy vocals that deal with the affection of the singer to her lover. You can also find some esotheric Instruments that add to the vibe. Last but not least an emotional guitar solo marks the climax of the song. Keep your eyes open for the third single called “Sunday Morning” which will be released in february 2020. The final album “DNA” will be released in March the same year featuring more different vibes.

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic

cover image unsplash – Efe Kurnaz

Understand ME



On the second single of his upcoming EP, Fear of the Unknown, Chicago-via-Istanbul based Agency666 presents Understand Me: a menacing dark atmosphere accompanied by a moody, addictive arp riff and a driving bassline. Understand Me embodies Agency666’s stimulating approach to microhouse through its unique sound design and tasteful vocal slices. Understand Me continues the story where Deep Sleep left of and carries it all the way to set the tone for what’s to come in the rest of the EP.

Fear of the Unknown will be available on all digital platforms on 27/02/2020

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic




Black’H, Dj- Producer of the city of Medellín-Colombia, has been interested in electronic genre from an early age. His first steps guided him through the perseverance records of the Marck-D seal by launching a good time for #MMW. He later released his first EP melodic techno house whisper with incredible tracks that had space in big city events. Black’H has positioned itself on the scene and shared the stage with the great producer HUSH and Andres Gil, already known for his incredible performance, after several months of work, he comes with a new EP of 4 songs loaded with a lot of groove, with harmonies and melodies that generate their own atmosphere with cheerful voices that prepare to shoot the drop with kicks and lows that throw it into a dark environment.

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic

sacred retrospective

Various Artists - last compilation 2019


The year 2019 is coming to an end and another chapter is also closing for us. We as a label, producers and community have made a very big step up to this point. That’s why it’s time for us to say thank you again to all our supporters, listeners and those who are always there for us. THANK YOU – we stay connected and see us in 2020, with some new awesome projects.

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic

cover model Claudi and photographer Silva Görner Fotografie


Krys von Bloom


The first track and at the same time the first single from the upcoming album “DNA” (Mar2020) by Krys von Bloom is called “Aura”. The album is called “DNA” since my personal style of music is made up of a lot of different small musical Nucleotids that affect my musical genes in total. May it be some deeper, ethnic or orchestral influences, all of these affect my whole music style in general. I tried to fuse a lot of different orchestral and ethnic instruments with synthesizers on this album. In addition to that, I didn’t want to insist on sticking to a certain sound or genre all the time. I’d rather experiment in genre-bending music that makes you feel certain emotions while listening to all of the acoustic noise that will enter your ears. In a digital world where people are being overwhelmed with visual media, i think music is still one of the most powerful things to get you in a certain mood and get a break from the fast life we’re living in. “Aura” is one of these small Nucleotids that characterize my musical genes. This orchestral Melodic House track begins with some simple mellow chords and builds itself up until it reaches the emotional climax after the second drop. The main elements that dominate this track are uplifting synths and moving arps. In addition to that, “Aura” is garnished with various orchestral Percussions as well as Guitars, Pianos, Strings & Woodwinds which play melodies and grooves that make you wanna move. The name derives itself from the idea to create a track that touches you emotionally while creating an atmosphere that brings you in trance or makes you float around the dancefloor.

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic

cover image unsplash – Efe Kurnaz

Deep Sleep



On the lead single of his debut EP, Fear of the Unknown, Chicago-via-Istanbul based Agency666 presents Deep Sleep: a raw, deep techno track with a notably dark atmosphere, hypnotic repetitions, and slices of moody vocals. With a stimulating approach to microhouse and a brilliant minimal aesthetic, Agency666 has started gaining recognition around underground circles and getting noticed by some of the heavy-weights of the scene. His latest release Lover’s Revenge, another minimal gem, quickly became a fan favorite and racked up over 50k streams within weeks from the release. Deep Sleep, while featuring a more raw palette of sounds, shares the same mesmerizing, hypnotic structure. It’s dark, violent, and sexy, and it will have you coming back for more.

Fear of the Unknown will be out on all digital platforms on 27/02/2020

© & Ⓟ wechselstrommusic

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