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upcoming release 28/05 - CAZTILLA Smash U
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Hey Mei and thanks in advance for the great interview on my part. You now have your first release on the label “Wechselstrommusic” with the EP “Lost Lands” – which also includes 2 remixes by Nathan Wolve and Harvester. In addition, your audience can expect a bonus track, which is very suitable for the EP – Reading time – 5min

We and especially I am pleased that you have found your way to us and we have found you. Now we want to give the readers and listeners a few facts about you.


Best of all, and that’s probably what interests you the most, what was the path to music for you? 
First of all thank you “wechselstrommusic” for the chance to sign in this sick label, with professional people like you all working 24/7 for the label and the music scene! It´s unreal how music can get us all together from different parts of the world.

Music has always been a big part of my life since a young lad, always loved to listen good records from the 80´ or, 90´ that my parents showed me. As a teenager all these influences took me to form a rock band, making covers of bands like Paramore, Queen, Muse, Radiohead, Blink 182 and mostly U2 which I also made a rework of one of their songs.

There is usually a very special experience, which someone like you must have accompanied on the trip. What would you say comes to mind when you are producing music or playing yourself? 
Well in the case of Djing, I was about 16 years old when I discovered raves for the first time, the connection people had in all these events made me realize how music gets them all together, dancing, laughing and mostly enjoying a good moment with their mates. From the first time I got to a club and saw how people reacted and felt about the music and specially the DJ, I knew I wanted to be that guy, that takes people into a spiritual journey, or just dance with friends or gets them all together.

In other words, I’d say I think about all that when I’m making music or playing in a club or a venue or wherever I play. I always try to connect with the crowd and express everything I am through this musical journey.

Is there a special moment from your childhood that is related to music?
Well yeah! there´s a pretty sweet memory of my childhood when I went camping near a lake with my parents, it was my birthday and I remember myself listening to old Phil Collins CDs just near the tent. The feeling of laying on the grass looking at the sky while listening to music was such a pleasant moment.

Since I know you as a friend a little better and I know that you travel a lot in the world. Describe your most beautiful (2-3 examples) experiences and maybe also in connection with music?
Most of the craziest experiences I had related to music and nice views were in Australia, one of them was closing an event in one of the main beaches in Sydney called Bondi beach, and also was the most terrifying and funniest one because the guys that played before me needed to take the CDJs back because they´re leaving. So I had to play with an old controller which didn’t read my tunes correctly so it didn’t show any spectrum of the track nor the bpms, so it was pretty challenging, but when the sun came out and I looked at that sunrise I lost myself in that moment and really enjoyed it.

In the current situation, it is currently very difficult for artists like you to perform live. How do you deal with it?
I think this is tough for us all, not just artist but all of us, in Argentina it´s currently illegal to get out of the house without a proper permission or valid reason, so the feeling of lack of liberty gets deep in the head, mostly for people like me that needs to get out there and explore everything haha. But we have internet and we can perform live stream to every single part of the world and have a tiny feeling of what a club gives us.

The music and event industry suffers a lot. What do you think this will bring for everyone? 
This pandemic is affecting us all and it´s really sad. Of course, we can’t go clubbing for now so that will affect directly to club owners and promoters that run them, but I reckon music industry keeps playing its part like, artists from all over the globe are making a lot of new music, as they have a lot of time to be inside the studio.

We now know how you got to music! So what was the crucial point for your album “Lost Lands”? 
Well the making of “Queen of Eurasia”, which is the main track of the EP, was quite of a journey, it has its name for my sister, as she motivated me to keep making music and don’t stop. Initially it was called Queen of Morgana, (she has a cat called Morgana) but the track took different directions and ended up changing the name a bit. This track is really important to me because i played it A LOT and its like she was with me every time I played it and people loved it, so yeah, I’m really excited to release it!

I think the first release of an artist is always something special. It is important to me how you would describe this feeling?
Yeah! First release of an artist it’s something really special, there’s a lot of work behind, ups and downs, frustrations, and many more feelings while making a track. So, when a label likes your music and wants to sign it to finally share it with the world, you feel that your job is finally fine and done.

Music production and live performances require a lot of time and personal effort. It’s not that extreme at the moment, but how do you manage to get everything under one roof? 
I´d say it all depends on how good you want to get, and I think this goes to everything in life, if you want to get good in football, you’re gonna spend a lot of time practicing and kicking balls, so when my friends mock me because I spend too much time in the studio or listening to new music to inspire me, or sending promos to have a feedback, I always have this goal in my head to get as good as I can and keep progressing.

You lived in Australia for a long time, what exactly did you do there regarding music?
Took me a time to get to know the Aussie scene from inside, but in time I got a residency in Analog, an Irish events brand of techno, with them I supported great artist such as Rafael Cerato, Loco & Jam, Ejeca, and others. Then with 2 other friends (Amavi and Ravi Luchesi) we started something called Illuminus to show the best places around Sydney broadcasting it while playing. Unfortunately, all this ended when I got back to Argentina, but I’m sure we’ll get back to it soon! 

What would you like to achieve in the future and what is very important to you?
My most important goal as an artist, which I conserved all these years is to make myself known for my style of music, create a unique sound so people can listen to it and instantly know its Mëi.


For all my colleagues out there, I’d say, never give up, doesn’t matter the music you play, the way you play it, or make it, if it truly makes you happy and it’s your dream, go for it and don’t stop.

There’re times that people could say awful things to you to turn your light off and make you as frustrated as they are, but keep your head up and never give up on music! 

Sascha Weberknecht

Sascha Weberknecht

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