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upcoming release 28/01 Basstrieb Sascha - Black Night
Artistimage Krys von Bloom

On April 2nd, 2020 your first album “Doppelhelix” will be released with a total of 8 tracks, what does that mean to you?

I have been working a long time on these tracks and i’ve been putting a lot of my heart into this release. I am happy that it will finally see the light of the day and i can show off what i’ve been working on during the last few months. It’s always relieving that you can finally reveal the tunes that you’ve invested a lot of energy in.

How did you get into music in general and where do you have your roots?

When i was young my mother was working as a medic within the military forces. Since my dad has left us when i was just 4 years old she would always take me with her when she was on job training. To kill some time she bought me a discman and i started listening to mainstream music but i soon developed my love for electronic sounds. I think one of the first tracks that i really fell in love with was “I’m blue” by Eiffel 65 when i was 6 years old. In the same time i started playing keyboard which lasted until i was about 13 years old. I never got to learn any music theory during this time. It was mostly playing famous tunes and learning standard chords. After that i started DJing in the age of 14. I got acquainted with Hands Up/Dance music during my school time and shortly fell in love with Hardstyle. From that i moved on to Hardcore/Gabber and to Drum and Bass. After that i moved on to hear “Treibsand” by Stephan Bodzin which really caught my attention and paved my way into the Techno/House boulevard.

How long did you work on the tracks or how long was the album planned? From the first sound file to completion.

To be honest i am not exactly sure, but it definitely took more than a year in total. It’s not really a concept album but more or less a collection of some tunes that i’ve produced (and didn’t delete from my hard drive) during a long period of time. Originally i had planned to put other tracks on this release but i didn’t really feel that some of them met my own personal quality requirements. And sometimes i was just taking drastic measures after i decided to not include them on this release. I just hit the “delete” button on these tracks. Simple as that.

In terms of sound technology, the album is very self-contained or coordinated, is that very important to you or do you associate it with something specific?

I was really trying to showcase my affection for different subgenres of House Music. And i tried to be original rather than trying to copy a certain style. On the one hand you find more orchestral tracks like “Aura” and “Ode an die Traurigkeit”, and then you will find more progressive sounds like “You & I” and “Hochton”. There is also some more groovy stuff on this record as well.

Is there a track that you pay particular attention to or with which you have an emotional connection?

My favourite track is “Ode an die Traurigkeit” and this is definitely my most diverse production yet. That is why i also put it on tracklist spot number one. It starts off with a more melancholic, progressiveish vibe and then develops into a more uplifting orchestral part. I still love the vibe it creates.

You are currently still studying at “DeutschPOP” – what are you doing there and to what extent did this help you to produce the album?

I’m learning music theory, mixing and mastering. During the time i finished most of the tracks on this album i haven’t been studying these things in the “DeutschePOP” so it didn’t really help me for this bespoke release. But it definitely helped me for some of the tracks that i’m working on right now which will also see the light of the day this year.

What do you attach particular importance to in your produced music?

I find it very important to not use already pre-produced loops. I feel like this is kind of killing the creativity in most cases. Of course i use samples as well, but i always create the drumloops on my own. And usually i don’t use any synthesizer presets at all.

Have you already had experience with other well-known musicians who have decisively influenced you?

Of course i have favorite artists, but in this case i didn’t try to go after a certain production style of one of them.

What or who would you like to achieve with your album?

I would just love to make people happy with these tunes. It would make me happy to get positive responses to these tracks.

What would be your personal goal for the album?

To be honest, in these days of music streaming it’s really hard to aim for a certain success in the music world, especially as a small artist that just starts out. But it would be cool if people actually dig that stuff and i could make them feel excited about my upcoming stuff.

Be sure that this is not my last release for this year. Since we are living in hard times and people are advised to stay at home, i am using the time to focus on a lot of music. I think i have more like 30 projects that are nearly release-ready which will showcase different styles. I started developing my love for ethnic- and especially arabic-influenced House music and i started some projects in this style. And i also found the label All Day I Dream and the producer Stimming very inspiring for myself and i tried to fuse some of these sounds into my own productions. Be prepared

Also i decided to release some more harder Techno stuff under another moniker which will see the light of the day in 2020 as well.

Sascha Weberknecht

Sascha Weberknecht

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