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upcoming release 28/01 Basstrieb Sascha - Black Night
Gin Cooley Interview Glamour Magazin

Do you have a beauty secret…

I think less is more and ignorance is bliss. As a young model, we never wore much makeup to castings. It was frowned upon. We may have worn a little concealer, powder, mascara, lip gloss… nothing major. The idea was for the client to really see what they had to work with, not a full-on production walking in the door. It’s also better for your skin. Day to day, I still don’t wear much makeup. Also, drink water! Water makes you feel better and makes your skin glow. Sometimes, if my skin is dry, I will sleep with a tiny bit of Vaseline on my face and lips. The overnight transformation is incredible.

Your worst beauty habit is…

Not fixing my hair! Ha… I have naturally curly/wavy hair, and it is so much healthier when I let it dry naturally and don’t apply heat to it. I’ve learned to embrace my untamed locks. It’s so much shinier, softer, and nice to give your hair a break.

Your greatest beauty discovery…

My late grandmother who I refer to as “me-mama” (I miss her dearly) cleaned her face with Crisco All-vegetable shortening and a steaming hot rag. She would keep a little jar in her bathroom. You spread the Crisco on your face evenly, even on your eyelids and lashes as it’s fabulous for eye make-up removal. Next, you place the hot steaming rag on your face. Then you slowly wipe away, and rinse and repeat until your face is clear. It feels amazing and leaves your face perfectly moisturized. She had the most flawless skin and no wrinkles, even in old age.

The last fashion or beauty item you bought…

I just bought some Super Lustrous “The Gloss” by Revlon. As I mentioned, I prefer lip-gloss over lipstick. The colors I got are Pango Peach, Fatal Apple and Pinkissimo. They are all fabulous.

You feel happiest when…

I am home… or in a warm cozy place with all my babies. I also really like doing yoga in the sunshine outside.

Your mood is…

Incredibly grateful for this opportunity and counting the blessings in my life. I’m so grateful for my loved ones and our health. I’m grateful that I get to do what I love for a living and have a job that allows me to help others. I’m grateful to be able to further my education on the Doctoral level.

The holidays have arrived, and I’ve totally latched onto them this year! I started baking holiday fudge and truffles and began handing them out two weeks before Thanksgiving! (Lol) It’s been a rough year, and we deserve the holiday treats early.

I’ve gone back and forth with feelings of anxiety and isolation after witnessing 2020 unfold in the US. This year, I took a healthy step back from the chaos. We must protect our peace and be kind to ourselves and others. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in the noise, which can cloud our judgement and have us acting out of character. With that said, I refuse to concede to the agenda of a dualistic political system rooted in automatic egotism and deceit. It has caused so much distress in our lives and is simply not why I exist on this plane.

Tell us something about your gym habits and fitness routine…

Since Covid-19 hit this past March, the gyms closed and I (we) had to adapt to an entirely different routine, or lack thereof. I chose to do plenty of walking outside and soak up the sunshine (with sunblock). I also started doing yoga consistently for the first time in my life, at home. I cannot express enough how much this has helped me, physically and mentally. When I’m in the gym, I really like to hit the weights. I prefer having a trainer to help me reach my goals. I always played team sports when I was growing up and am naturally competitive. I perform better when I have someone there challenging me.

I also shoot a compound bow and am an advocate for getting outdoors. I shoot a PSE Stinger, sometimes competitively but mostly for fun. Believe it or not, shooting a bow is hard on your arm, shoulder and back if you get out of the habit of shooting. There are specific muscle groups that you work from pulling back a bow. I’ve tried to find different techniques to work this muscle group in the gym but there’s nothing quite like the real thing.

Accubow came out with a product that mimics the act of drawing back a real bow. I picked one up a year or so ago, and it has helped me maintain my strength. It also allows you to adjust the poundage to build strength as well. You can do this in your bedroom on a rainy day, which I love in the instance I am unable to get outside and shoot.

Your fridge is always filled with…

Bottled and/or sparkling water. I love LaCroix…It’s so crisp. I also have a sweet tooth… so usually there’s something sweet around the kitchen.

There are usually leftovers of something I’ve prepared for my family in the fridge. We eat plenty of wild game, which I prefer over factory farmed meat. My oldest son harvests most of the wild game we consume. I am passionate about preparing quality meals for my family. Good food brings us together and is something I value. Eating wild is healthier in comparison to the science experiments you buy at the store. I prefer to eat wild, support conservation efforts and know where my food is coming from.

Craziest thing you’ve done is…

Depends on what one considers crazy! I could author a book on this subject (no pun intended). I have lived a life full of adventure, by the seat of my pants…When I was younger, my decisions were largely driven by impulse and guarded by instinct … traveling the world and modeling in the international high fashion circuit was intense sometimes. I thrived on emotional intelligence when working in foreign nations, unable to speak their native languages. I lived on my own in these countries at a very young age. I’ve had lots of fun and learned plenty of lessons (sometimes the hard way). I graduated high school and lived on a college campus when I was 16 years old and studied fine art… I signed a contract in NYC and flew to Singapore during the SARS epidemic the following year at 17. I walked for Christian Dior 3 months into my modeling career. My God, I wouldn’t know where to start…I’ll leave it to your imagination. Fast forward to today, and I’m a total homebody and wouldn’t have it any other way.

How do you deal with stress…

Being creative musically is in my DNA. I self-released an EP earlier this year in May, titled “GIN”. I have collaborated with other artists, and most recently, Wechselstrom Music, which is a Swiss/German techno label. Matiso who is an artist on the label, released a remix for one of my singles called “Wolf”. It’s been a beautiful process. I finally have a vocal rig set up to record in my home, so I’m looking forward to playing with that over the holidays. Being creative and making art is, as some modern Rogerian or Jungian theorists might suggest, transformative and healing. I truly believe this, at least as it applies to my personality.

The best advice you’ve ever received was…

Such finality with these questions… There’s so much excellent advice I’ve been given in this life. *it doesn’t mean I always take it

Trust your gut. If you have a bad feeling about something, listen to it. It might save your life or someone else’s.

To the masses, this is my short takeaway from studying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and implementing it into my practice over the past year: If you want to live a live that is meaningful to you, figure out what you value. Whether it’s financial stability, relationship happiness, physical/mental health, family… Align your behavior with those values. Ask yourself, does what I am doing right now align with what I value? Boom… next thing you know, you will be living a life that is meaningful to you. Creating meaning to life is completely unique to the individual.

Be kind… do good things… and forgive yourself and others, as we are imperfect creatures… navigating the unchartered and sometimes perilous waters of life.

Sascha Weberknecht

Sascha Weberknecht

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